Off Season? (A Book Review)

I borrowed this at the library yesterday:
(Click on the image to go to their website)
It's a pattern book for knotted Christmas baubles by the Swedish/Norwegian designer duo Arne & Carlos, two very talented guys. This book, however, left me underwhelmed. It contains one description on how to knit a bauble and 55 different patterns. Quite nice patterns, but I was left with a kind of 'I could easily do that myself'-feeling. So in my opinion it's not worth spending your money on, but check it out at the library, if you're Norwegian!

I think I'll give some of them a try though, like these with a reindeer:
(Plenty of time for next Christmas..)

Or perhaps some of these from Ravelry:

And speaking of reindeer, let me show you this old embroidered pillow I found at the local charity shop, quite a bargain:
I love the pattern, I think I must use it on some knitting one day. Rufus (on the left) likes it too!
OK, that might just be a deer. But I need some artistic freedom, right?

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