Magazine Basket Tutorial

Not a basket for your magazines, but a basket made from magazines:
This is not my brainchild, I've seen it several places (like here), but I thought I'd share how I did it, step-by-step:

1) Find a magazine. The latest Gudrun Sjöden-catalogue worked great, as the pictures coordinate colorwize. You'll need a ruler or tape measure and a pair of scissors, and a small stapler or double-sided tape is also handy.
2) To make a small basket (mine is 12 x 12 cm wide and 7 cm tall), cut out 8 pages. Each page is then cut into 3 strips lengthwise, each strip 6 cm wide.

3) Fold the strips lengthwise - first in half, then each flap is folded towards the middle. Each strip is now about 1.5 cm wide:
4) Start weaving from the center outward. Make sure to fit the strips tightly, leaving as little space between them as possible.
5) After weaving 7 x 7 strips, I folded the exposed strips upward to form the sides of the basket, and continued to weave the sides. At this point, I used staples to hold the strips in place.
Each strip isn't long enough to go around the entire basket, you'll need two:
6) After weaving to the top (I used 4 heights of strips), trim the top edges so they align.
7) Lastly, fold a strip over the top and fasten with staples:

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