Cobblestone, My Dear

At long last - I've finished hubby's sweater! (The yarn, pattern and a promise to make the sweater was my Christmas present for him back in 2009, so this was way overdue.)
It felt a bit slouchy (and was too large) when finished, so I felted it lightly. I really love the texture of it now! (It did turn out a bit too short, but hubby says he doesn't mind, and NO WAY I'm making him another this year!)
Raveled here.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Det var en kjempefin herregenser =) Godt med alt som faktisk blir ferdig, he he
    Mvh Siv

  2. Lucky you to have someone to knit Cobblestone for! I have been wanting to knit that sweater ever since it came out. Alas, none of the men in my family want a wool sweater. You did a great job!

  3. Ha,ha, den var jo superfin. Men for et prosjekt!

  4. It looks great! Late or not, it's a wonderful gift. :)



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