5 Lucky Numbers

Time to draw the winners! A total of 120 comments and 169 tickets were entered. I decided to draw 5 winners since there's enough yarn to go around to all. Mr. Random picked these numbers:

Congratulations to GNIST, mormor (Turid Grubben), Made By K, Sillan and Mary-Anne! Send me your addresses (my e-mail is found to the right) and the yarn will soon be on its way!

GNIST won the tote plus yarn from Malsen & mor, Misti (Du Store Alpakka) and Viking Alpaca Sport:
Mormor won two skeins of mystery gray wool, Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton plus Elsebeth Lavold Favorite Wool:
Made By K won Noro plus Safirgarn:
Sillan won 2 balls of Sublime chunky merino tweed, some Panda and Nagano plus a mystery yarn:
And finally Mary-Anne won Rosendahl and Trysil Garn Iglo, great for felting:

7 kommentarer:

  1. Congratulations to the winners!!! :)))

  2. Jippi! Så morro!!! Sender deg adressen min og venter spent! Stor klem fra meg!

  3. Jag är överlycklig över min fina vinst :) Tusen tack!!

  4. Hei. Så gøy at jeg vant! Har allerede sendt deg adressen min.

  5. Made by K og Mary-Anne: Jeg trenger adressene deres!

  6. oi eg har ikke fått med meg at eg vant engang :) tuuusen takk :)
    sender deg en mail her og nå


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