Revamped Resolutions

With half of 2011 gone, I thought I'd check my New Year's resolutions and make a status report. But first, my recent yarn purchase for your viewing pleasure:
Click on the image to see where it's bought
Well, thing are not too bad: 
  • knit more for myself - I'm not there yet, but I have big plans
  • knit at least one lace shawl - Check!
  • learn the two-socks-at-a-time technique - Check! No finished socks yet, though
  • sell off some yarn, and not buy new without a specific project in mind - Check on the first, and total fail on the second part. That's just not how my knitting brain works. I buy yarn first, then decide what to make.
  • start early on the Christmas gifts knitting - Sort of. It's still 'early', right?
  • design a pattern or two - Not yet. These things take time..

To sum up, I'm quite pleased. I'll be back with an update in December!

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